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Short Form Video Producer (Independent Contractor)


NewPublica is a Minnesota-based multicultural communications consulting firm founded in 2014 as a way for government agencies, companies, organizations, and nonprofits to reach diverse audiences.

TPT NOW is a 24/7 health, safety, and emergency response resource, helping multi-lingual communities to be ready and resilient during a crisis. TPT NOW works with public health, safety, and community leaders to create broadcast, online, and social media content in multiple languages. TPT NOW is affiliated with Twin Cities PBS in St. Paul, MN.

NewPublica and TPT NOW are partnering on this project to bring diverse voices to the forefront of health and safety communications.


Though many Minnesotans may have gotten used to post-pandemic life, COVID-19 still impacts us. The data is clear: COVID-19 brought a lot of loss and amplified many health disparities, particularly in BIPOC communities. The pandemic also demonstrated the resiliency of Minnesota’s diverse communities. Several years after the peak of the pandemic, the question is: how can we collectively move forward as a community?

NewPublica and TPT NOW announce an open call for video producers. This call will support three diverse Minnesota content creators with a flat payment of $4,000 to create health-related content with a COVID-19 and vaccination focus. The estimated time commitment is approximately 80-100 hours over the course of a threemonth period (August 1 – October 31).

We are looking for short, original content that compels the audience to care, or continue to care, about their health and the health of their community. We are interested in community resiliency stories that ultimately show the strength of Minnesota’s Somali, Hmong, and Latinx communities; stories that can answer one or more of the following questions:

  • How has the pandemic changed your life?
  • What good came out of COVID-19 and/or the vaccines?
  • What difficult decisions did you make in the face of the pandemic?
  • What can communities do now?

What do Producers Get out of This?

  • A flat $4,000 payment
  • A chance to use storytelling to help their community
  • Coaching from professional media and storytelling teams
  • Increased visibility via distribution of their content (co-branded with their name or company, NewPublica, TPT NOW, and the Minnesota Department of Health [MDH])

High-Level Overview of Project Timeline

  • Week of July 17: finalist interviews
  • By Friday, July 28: finalists selected and notified

There will also be 3-4 virtual workshops throughout the grant period. Dates and times will be determined once finalists are selected.

Producer Requirements

  • Resident of Minnesota
  • 21 years of age or older
  • Demonstrated interest in health and safety content/work
  • Demonstrated commitment to their community or communities
  • Mandatory attendance at 3-4 virtual workshops (6 hours total) throughout the project period
    • Exact dates are still to be determined, but we will work with the selected producers’ schedules
  • Timely response to email and/or phone communication
  • Access to own video production equipment (either owned or rented), including video editing software (Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro preferred)


  • Bilingual (spoken fluency in English + either Spanish, Somali or Hmong languages)

Video Output Requirements

  • Original, health-focused messaging with an emphasis on COVID-19 and/or vaccinations
    • 2 longer videos (60-120 seconds) PLUS
    • 5 to 7 10-15 second “digital shorts”
      • The digital shorts can be either excerpts from the longer videos, or material that didn’t make the cutting room floor
    • .MP4 or .MOV format
    • Bilingual
      • Content in either Spanish, Somali or Hmong with open captions in English OR
      • Content in English with open captions in either Spanish, Somali or Hmong
    • Include insights from 1-2 vetted and trusted community leaders (either as a content advisor, narrator or on-camera talent)
      • This talent may be sourced by the producers, or we can collaborate with them to match up leaders to messaging
      • Community leaders will be paid separately by NewPublica and TPT NOW, not out of the $4,000 awarded to content producers
    • Live action
      • Can include animated or illustrated components, but we are looking specifically for a human angle
    • As evergreen as possible and without any sort of “timestamp” that would make the content irrelevant outside of a certain time period
    • Include provided branded packaging at the beginning (~2 seconds) and the end (~5 seconds)

Finished work will be co-branded and submitted to MDH, TPT NOW, and NewPublica for additional distribution.

What to Expect in the Application

  • Contact information
  • Work samples (.MP4 or .MOV file uploads, web links, or both)
  • Who are you? What communities do you identify with, work in, and/or influence?
  • Why does this project interest you?
  • How will you make this content compelling to your community/communities?
  • Do you have any community leaders already in mind? If so, who are they and why would they be a good subject for this topic?
  • Can you commit to the proposed timeline? Y / N

This project is made possible by funding from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH).

For more information on MDH’s commitment to health equity as it related to COVID-19, visit

Any questions about this opportunity should be directed to (subject line: VIDEO PRODUCER.)

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Marcia Barcelata-O'Neill

Communications and Engagement Specialist

Expertise: Marcia is a communications professional with experience in teaching, community engagement, and web development. Marcia is a quick learner and is able to adapt to various tasks within her roles. At NewPublica, Marcia meets with community members to inform, listen to, and learn from. She also manages NewPublica’s internal digital media content to ensure that the most relevant information is at the forefront of what we do. Marcia uses the organizational skills learned from teaching every day in both communications work and public engagement.

Professional Work: Bethune Community School, Partnership Academy

Helene Pfaendtner

Communications and Digital Media Specialist

Expertise: Helene is a storyteller with a passion for finding the best way to communicate a message. Whether through copywriting, digital media, or public engagement, Helene ensures that all voices are recognized, heard, and understood. Helene applies her collaboration and organizational skills to all of her projects. Helene uses her communication and language experience along with her knack for organization to exceed expectations for both internal and external projects. 

Isabella Silva-Biotti

Communications and Engagement Specialist

Expertise: Isabella is a Journalism major at the Hubbard School of Journalism at the University of Minnesota, with experience in research, volunteering, education, and communications. She has worked with different schools and organizations in Argentina, the Twin Cities, and Denver to promote language efficiency skills in Spanish and English. Always advocating for communities of color and the local community, she has pursued the gift of leadership to create close relationships with members of the community. Isabella continues to advocate for communities of color at NewPublica, as a contributor to the NewPrensa newsletter. In her role, Isabella utilizes her research and communication experience to approach each project with a creative mind and is always eager to learn more.

Professional Work: Wells Fargo, Girls Inc. of Metro Denver,  Best Prep

Hamza Ali

Finance and accounting manager

Expertise: Hamza is a results-oriented accounting professional with broad experience in a deadline‑driven environment. He has a proven track record in consistently and effectively delivering accounting services that enhance the company’s purpose and profitability. At NewPublica, Hamza demonstrates his experience in reconciliations, AP/AR, reporting, P&L analysis, and the management of general accounting functions.

Professional Work: Kaah Express, Jones Lang La Salle

Jorge Amerigo

Creative Director

Expertise: Jorge has more than 20 years of experience in the creative process of visual design, including website development, graphic design, branding, photography, and video production. He has worked with a wide range of agencies and organizations, from small businesses to leading non-profits. He has been involved with social projects, the creation of visual campaigns, the development of annual reports, rebrandings, and website creation and redesign. At NewPublica, he creates designs for newspapers, magazines, and social media, as well as builds functional, user-friendly websites. Jorge understands each client’s unique needs and has a passion for projects that generate social impact. Jorge is a wealth of knowledge about design, and his expertise in reaching diverse communities serves NewPublica’s mission to connect to new voices and new audiences.

Professional Work: Latino Communications Network, Jorge Amerigo LLC

Ebelin Morales Delgado

Communications and Digital Media Specialist

Ebelin is a visual arts professional with experience in social media management and sociology. Ebelin brings her passion for creativity and community to each project and utilizes her past experience in grassroots organizing whenever she can. At NewPublica, Ebelin works alongside various organizations to ensure that their marketing goals are understood and that their audience is reached effectively.

Professional Work: American Friends Service Committee

Orion Slocum

Assistant Copy editor

Expertise: Orion loves people and languages. He is fluent in English, Spanish, French, and German and knows words and phrases in multiple other languages. His unique ability to retain and understand languages is unmatched. At NewPublica, Orion helps review and edit articles for Latino Communications Network publications. He is focused, engaged, and loves working and collaborating with others!

Professional Work: Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC), Kaposia.

Sandra Rodriguez

Media Buyer

Expertise: Sandra determines the best course of action and seeks the best solutions for our client’s advertising needs by utilizing her solutions-oriented mindset and interpersonal communication skills. At NewPublica, she executes the purchases of advertisement spaces by understanding clients’ marketing goals and target audiences. She works hard to maintain relationships with a variety of publications to ensure our clients are able to receive the media space they need. Sandra is also in charge of keeping our Latino Communications Network, both online and printed publications, relevant, engaging, and fun.

Professional Work: Latino Communications Network, Pamela Coleman Office of Eurology, Justo Gonzalez Office of Eurology.

Marian Sanchez

Event manager and publisher of newprensa media

Expertise: Marian has over a decade of experience in event planning and managing events producing galas, conferences, festivals, and fashion shows both locally and internationally. She has managed large-scale events, including Taco Tour on Lake Street, Minneapolis Cinco de Mayo, and the Lake Street Festival, attracting thousands of participants. At NewPublica, Marian utilizes her experience in marketing to exceed client expectations of high-impact events execution and community engagement. She also manages the publication, distribution, and interpersonal communication within NewPrensa Media.

Professional Work: Utku LLC, Latino Communications Network, Gente de Minnesota

Photo Luis Moreno

Luis Moreno


Expertise: Luis is a business and community leader with over fifteen years of experience in marketing and strategy in multiple global companies. He has worked in the U.S. and Latin America, creating strategic marketing plans and leading cross-functional teams for successful market introductions. Luis has experience in multiple industries, including manufacturing, food, food service, education, and financial services. He has a passion for talent development and building new team skills and capabilities. Luis has built strong relationships with multiple communities and has collaborated with numerous colleges and universities, schools, and non-profit organizations to create professional opportunities for people from various diverse communities. Luis leads the largest team at NewPublica, ensuring that collaboration, communication, and creativity are at the forefront of each project.

Professional Work: Cummins Engine, Ecolab, General Mills, Land O’Lakes, GE

Marc Valencia

Vice President of Public Engagement and Communications

Expertise: Marc has over twenty years of experience in sales, business development, and marketing in the United States, Latin America, and Canada. He has launched product lines in new markets, built and led cross-functional teams, and pioneered businesses and organizations toward transformative and sustainable growth domestically and internationally. Marc is also passionate about private-public alignments that improve education, health, and the tangible quality of life for children and families of color. He is currently a board member in LatinoLEAD. At NewPublica, Marc works with community engagement projects regarding infrastructure, health, education, and others in Minnesota.

Professional Work: Kraft Foods, MOM Brands

Carmen Monserrate

Vice President of Business Operations

Expertise: Carmen is a versatile leader and relationship builder with cross-functional, multicultural, and international experience in various industries, including technology, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, government, and hospitality. She has corporate experience in engineering, marketing, operations management, and sales. Carmen has also worked in non-profit team leadership roles focusing on the advancement of communities of color. At NewPublica, her passion for making meaningful connections throughout the community not only shines through in her work but enhances the opportunities for current and future generations.

Professional Work: Xerox Corporation, Patrice & Associates Hospitality Recruiting

Alberto Monserrate

CEO and Co-Founder

Expertise: Alberto is a leading authority on multicultural communications and marketing in Minnesota. As the CEO and co-founder of Latino Communications Network (LCN), now NewPublica, he produced the weekly Spanish newspaper La Prensa de Minnesota and the weekly Spanish publication Vida y Sabor. LCN also operated 24-hour Spanish radio stations 1400 and 1470 AM La Invasora between 2005 and 2013. Alberto is a seasoned expert on marketing to the Latino community and is a regular commentator in the Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, Minnesota Public Radio, and other Minnesota business media. Alberto was elected to the Minneapolis School Board in 2010, serving as chair from 2012 to 2014. He is the former board chair of Hiawatha Academies, served on the founding boards of KIPP Minnesota and Twin Cities Academy, and served on the board of the Minnesota Broadcasters Association and the advisory editorial board of Minnesota Business Magazine. 

Professional Work: Radisson Hotels International, Ameriprise Financial, Wells Fargo Advisors, Latino Communications Network, Minnesota Senate

Let’s work together.

We are located at

2909 Bryant Ave S, Suite 301
Minneapolis, MN 55408

We can be contacted at: